CIN Newz!

The Celenian Information Network Newz! — a satirical newsletter started in 2008 CE by Melvin Jameson and his nephew Craig. The 1st issyue was released @ Apr 1, and the 2nd @ June 1.

Staff members include:

Stephany T. Dorn, who covers the New York beat. She focuses almost exclusively on Stephen Colbert, as she considers nothing else in New York worth investigating. She is, however, considering covering the events on Virtual Broadway in Second Life. Negotiations are being made with SL avatar Dion Barak to facilitate the coverage.

Frewtzflakes N. Nutz, who covers the Hollywood and California beats. He is believed to be a …close personal friend of Epicene Wildebloode, and thinks life in LaLaland is Absolutely Fabulous!

Pinto deRohan Digger, Grand Master of the Knights of the Falcon of Malta.

Ben F. Kawl, Columnist and Opinion Editor. Insanely jealous of Headline News pundit Glenn Beck, Ben contributes a regular column to the paper.

The CIN Newz! and staff members are all trademarks of Eye-n-Apple Productions.

A subscription to CIN Newz!, starting with the current issue (unavailable here), can be started by emailing: moc.liamtoh|32_suracI#moc.liamtoh|32_suracI with the subject line: CIN Newz: SUBSCRIBE.

An archive of back issues of the newsletter is available here. At present, only the 1st issue has been upoladed. When a new issue is released, the previous issue will go into the archive.

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