Eye N Apple Productions

The Production Company owned and operated by Mark P Steele. Established in the 1980's for the purpose of creating the comics adaptation of Shea and Wilson's ILLUMINATUS!, the company had had several issues of that comic published and has a number of projects under development. One subsidiary, Celenian Musings Studio, has been established for the production of artwork and other artifacts in Second Life and other media.
EnA's first web site, established several years after the publication of the comic by Rip Off Press, contains a selection of material from projects under development. These projects include:

A Phantom of the Opera autobiography — illustration by Eric Burza, Mark Steele, and Cor Paulin
Age of Heroes — Comic book series set in the Golden Age, using characters from that era and before along with original characters. Anthology format, art by various artists.
The Heroic and Fantastic Literature Genealogies, including a family tree of Peter Parker. The extensions of this tree written are among the lost works Mark (me) has written.
The Golden Age Gallery, a project related to the Age of Heroes for the study of those characters and the production of new art related to them..

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