The OMGASM is an attempt to network with Discordians so that they can share resources between cabals.

OM stands for Operation Mindfuck. It is an ongoing Discordian project to challenge existing assumptions and provoke critical and creative thought.

GASM stands for Golden Apple Seed Mission. It's a Discordian meme which indicates a project needs assistance.

When you combine the two, you'll have an OMGASM - a way of networking Discordian power so that everyone can accomplish their goals.

Here's the meat and bones:

The word GASM (Golden Apple Seed Mission) is a code word which means, "It would be fun for both of us if you helped out." We are using this codeword to tag different projects and make them accessable to each other via the web.

In the past, if you wanted to get involved in an awesome Discordian project, you'd have to either
come up with the project and get all sorts of people involved
personally know the people who were starting it

This is difficult because Discordians aren't networked - they stick apart. There's no Discordian Vatican to say "Okay now we're all going to write to Stephen Colbert okay GO." So as a result, our influence is limited. But we don't want to elect a leader. Then Discordia would be about his or her ideas and not mine. So we need a way to be on the same page without saluting the same flag.

Now things are different. If you search the internet for the word GASM (using any number of web 2.0 applications), you can hook up with other Discordians and share resources. You can get involved in their projects and mischief.

Projects names have GASM as a suffix. So the project to put up posters all over the place is called POSTERGASM. The project to draw moustaches on movie posters is MOUSTACHEGASM. Now, your involvement in Operation: Mindfuck isn't limited to your local area - with the right spin, you can get Discordians all over the world to help you wake up shake up the masses.

The potential is exponential.

Hail Eris and Hail Yes

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