Principia Discordia

The major Holy Book of the Holy Discordian Movement — written in the late 60s and published then or the early 70s as far as anyone can determine. Though this work was written by Malaclypse the Younger, as far as anyone can determine, it contains large portions of clip art from many sources used under fair usage laws and those governing use of materials for religious purposes. Much of this art was arranged in the form of collages, and therefore comes under the transformative clause for the use of art in works.

Much of the book consists of excerpts from The Honest Book of Truth, an earlier Discordian Holy Book by Omar Khayyam Ravenurst.

The book was published with a Kopyleft imprint, rendering its contents public domain — within the limits of existing law — and is one of the, if not THE, earliest sources for this concept, which eventually grew into the Creative Commons licensure now widely used on the Web and in other publishing endeavors.

Because of the PD status of this work, there are many print and internet copies of it in existence around the web, including editions in other languages than the english it was originally written in.

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