Vanity Pages

These are pages where people can brag about themselves and how GREAT they are. Wikipedia frowns on such things — they have something called notability standards that they have. Well, who's a better judge of how notable you REALLY are than YOU?

If you're a fan of someone, you can also create a vanity page to talk about how great THEY are — preferably with links.

In either case, please add your vanity pages to th list of them we are keeping here.

To create a vanity page:

1) Type in the name of the person that you want to create the page about.
2) Turn it into a page link.
3) Type in the word "Vanity:" before the person's name, INCLUDING COLON.
4) Save.
5) Click on th page link, and create your vanity page.

It's that simple!

WARNING: MOST Wikis frown on this practice, so please do NOT go around creating Vanity pages on other people's systems (unless they're satiric a and humorous… )

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