Stephen Colbert

Creator of Tek Jansen and anchor of the news show on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report, he is rumored to have a dual life as the super hero, Capt. Colbert where, armed with the Hammer of Truthiness, the Bell of Liberty (which he was awarded by fixing the crack in the original Liberty Bell while on a mission to Philadelphia), and seeing for the Theme Song, fights a never ending battle against the machinations of Niddstwert, the faux dragon clone of John Stewart, aided and abetted by the squirrel, Ratatosk*fnord*. (Do you believe that?)

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One of the comedy geniuses of teh 21st Century, this man is well on his way to supplanting V for the title of the Ultimate Discordian.

In his actual persona, a Discordian Saint, Second Class, in his role he portrays, a Brigadier Saint First Class, and an Aneristic Avatar.
Citizen Saline

Ay theen k heex reel funny…
Checkerboard Jack

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