Virtual Magic Kingdom Refugees

Today, May 21, 2008 CE, Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom will close its doors, and all the inhabitants will be evicted to find their way to other parts of Cyberspace.
Originally established to celebrate Disneyland's 50th anniversary, it has been a haven for many Disney fans over the last 3 years.

Unfortunately, the Disney policy was NOT to allow the residents to exchange emails, according to a USA Today report that I read yesterday. This means that all the people that have been forming relationships within this virtual world the last few years will no longer be able to be in touch. This, to me, seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

In addition, the deprivation of the virtual property of these people, that has been established through court cases involving Second Life to have legal standing AS PROPERTY, seems to be without due process.

This page is for the people who have been evicted from the Virtual Magic Kingdom to leave their avatars' names, and their email addresses, so that they may get in touch with each other outside of the no longer accessible virtual reality. People concerned about web spiders may wish to insert spaces into their email address to ensure that only humans can contact them.

In addition, this page's forums (linked at the bottom of the page) are available for people to discuss issues related to the Magic Kingdom Eviction, and discuss alternatives available for reestablishing their preferred virtual lifestyle.

If you wish to leave your VMK avatar name and contact email, please click the link to the next page. Thanks!

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List of Refugees

Virtual World news article on VMK closing

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